Power Trappings Appendix – now in downloads

Appendix 10 is done (and re-done). It covers 20 power trapping categories for melee and ranged attacks, from acid/chemical powers to water/ice powers.

The power trappings appendix includes an introduction on how to use power category special effects; how powers can counter each other’s special effects; and additional conditions and restrictions for power categories. Get it over here, or from the downloads page.

On a cautionary note, all the exceptions and possibilities get complicated. Don’t add this appendix to your game unless the cool outranks the additional complexity. As with power manipulations, it’s better to tread lightly on power trappings – a little bit goes a long way.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that categories like summoning and illusion, as well as broader necromantic powers are absent from the power trappings appendix. That’s because these categories aren’t direct attack powers. An appendix grimoire of sample skill powers and equipment/utility powers is in the works, but that will likely take a while.

Combining power trappings and power manipulations? It works. Special effects on beasts/monsters? Covered.

Now back to the monster special abilities appendix to re-revise the rules for restraining attacks. As it turns out that the original, nerfed version was the more correct way to do things after all. Fixed version will be up in a jiffy.