Still out here, and finally a promise delivered

It has been a wild ride for the past nine months since the last post. Now we are nearly at the end of 2018. I am delighting in an end-of-year break from the action (and I hope many of you have downtime for the holiday season as well). What does that mean besides spending time with family and friends? That it’s time to game!

Such a long time ago in 2018, I promised to show an example what a Libre SRP Mission Sheet looks like when it is filled out. To make it happen, I decided to bring in as a guest RPG Flying Buffalo Inc.’s Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. The session I played ended up being all about intrigue between two wizardly academic types in neighboring towns, Aleister Gillbladle and Larimor Mungrove.

Social investigation and intrigue isn’t T&T’s strongest suit. Its roots are deeper in deadly dungeon crawling. But the system stepped up to the task. As for our hero, Lawlor the Bold, he might have learned that dungeon crawling is a safer option than getting in the middle of a spat between academics. 

Below is an image of the first page of the mission sheet from the game. Here is a PDF of the full mission sheet for the adventure, and here is a (off-the-cuff and rough) write-up of the game session. I may have cut a corner here and there and tweaked one thing or another to keep up the game’s pace. In the end it all worked out.