Random powers appendix is done.

To round out the other two powers appendices, here is the third and final power appendix, a random powers table. Use this if you need quickly to assign a couple random magic spells, psionic talents or a special ability to a foe or ally. I should also warn that this table has not been playtested, and it won’t always ¬†give hit-the-ground-running ideal results.

The table refers back to the power trappings appendix and monster special abilities appendix for rules how to treat certain types of powers. It also gives some guidelines for types of powers that were not covered, or only partly explained in the previous appendices: Healing and resurrection, illusions, telepathy, control and possession, fear effects, and an array of summoning options.

This table should make it easy to pick up percentile dice and make a couple rolls to create an instant NPC mage, talent or mutant. Add a d20 power trappings roll there may even be a central theme for the character’s collection of powers. Get the new random powers appendix directly here, or as always it’s also in the downloads page.