To explain the lack of updates lately, I’ve been away on  international travel the last 10 days. After two days at home, I am re-packing my suitcases for a US trip. Sometimes life gets busy like that.

I had a request to show what a filled-out mission sheet looks like. So I’ll be doing a transcribed game session as soon as possible that includes filled-out mission sheets as part of the game.

In the meantime I’ve been squeezing in personal Libre SRP gaming time — no transcripts, just playing the game.

Gortais has had several more adventures. After the two most recent stories, I’m happy to report he is still alive, though he failed one mission and had a positive outcome for the second. 

There was also a street-level superhero story where I experimented running a session with three player’s characters at once. I put Libre SRP through its paces, switching back and forth between the player’s characters after they split up from the third scene onward. The group failed the mission, but at least everyone managed to get out alive.

I hope to have more for you all soon.