Monster special abilities appendix — now available for download

I’ve finished the first of three planned extra appendices. Chapter 14 leads with “rules for building monster encounters” (p.83), and has a sidebar that lists monster special abilities. What do those sample monster special abilities do? That was left up to the player.

If you’d like to have guidelines for monster special abilities… or just want to roll or pick from a list that includes a description how each special ability works — this table should work for you. ¬†Monster Special Abilities

As always, you can also find the file in the downloads section. It may have one or two ¬†errors — will bugsquash errors and upload fixed versions as I find them.

One post-book appendix down, two to go. At least for what I feel are the interesting extras that didn’t find their way into the book.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank all of you sincerely who’ve gotten the book so far. I used to be frequent lurker on several social media groups related to solo RPGs. These past few months I’ve been pretty much absent. Spare time goes towards supporting content.

Questions, comments, criticisms… please reach out to me on the contact page. I want everyone who has put up their hard-earned money for this product to be reasonably satisfied with it.

Next project is to pick up the “Sutton Farm” horror mystery gameplay example with Marvin Peele’s sister Kristen. I’ll focus this next example at a different level of gameplay — the middle layer of the logic & thought process around yes-no questions and skill checks, instead of top-level storyline or underlying game mechanics.