tick, tick, tick…

Apparently there’s a long fuse between submitting a new title for publishing and having it post. In the meantime I thought it might be a good idea to make a chapter of the book available to give people a better idea what it looks like. I’ve distilled the chapter on basic character creation. It’s accessible here, and also via the downloads page.

Also a quick note on some information that is not in the book, but that I have on my to-do list  for future resources available on this site.

  • A description of generic window dressing positives and negatives for NPC ally and foe occupations. Players can infer window dressing effects on their own. But it probably would help to have guidelines for each occupation, such as “warrior” and “academic specialist”. What I plan to do, is to take occupations in Appendix 3 and create a table more like Appendix 8. Apologies that this won’t make sense to anyone as the book isn’t out yet.
  • A table of beast/monster special abilities. In the Artanes setting of the book there is a random monster encounter table that lists special abilities such as poison, breath weapon, petrification and immunity.  The book leaves the details of implementing these special abilities up to the player’s imagination. I plan to build a table and descriptions, ideally with an even 10 or 20 categories so people can roll up a random special ability for beasts/monsters if they want.
  • Powers, powers, powers! The book has a framework for building powers and some examples. It could use a list of interesting magic spells, psionic talents and (superheroic) special abilities.

That’s the to-do list for now. Of course there are also further optional rules that didn’t fit into the book, and more play experiences.