Tutorial video set

The book is very close to launch, at this point I’m wrapping up loose ends.

Meanwhile, add to the list of resources a YouTube-hosted, 10-part series of video clips that talk about aspects of the game.

You can find the channel – and so far 9 of the 10 parts – over here. Part 6 of the tutorial was blocked by YouTube’s filters for no obvious reason. I’ve appealed to YouTube to release the video so you’ll have access to the whole tutorial set. (update: My appeal was processed. Tutorial Part 6 was released with no further comment from YouTube’s folks). It’s an off-the-cuff discussion of different pieces of the game that should help further bridge the tools in the book with examples of gameplay.

There is a separate channel showing off Libre Solo Role Playing gameplay sessions¬†here. The session with Drew Shannon is a duet (I ran the engine and gave instructions and suggestions, Drew was the player). I’ve done other online duets, but this has been the most compact (if not the most organized) session, and showcases an obstacle scene that goes off the rails.¬† There is also a set of near-real-time solo sessions I recorded, covering another story about Gortais from the Artanes setting in the book.