Libre SRP Training Wheels Adventure on RPGNow/DTRPG

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, Libre Solo Role Playing has a free “Training Wheels Adventure” to introduce people to some of the core concepts while playing through the framework of a branching path adventure. These include scene qualities, how to ask yes-no questions and plot stress. The adventure takes place in Libre Solo Role Playing’s Mill City setting and features my favorite private investigator, Arthur Falcone. It’s a free download right over here.

The Libre Solo Role Playing book proper doesn’t include any branching path adventures. The book focuses on all the rules readers need to tell their own stories, using the setting of their choice. The book doesn’t include adventure frameworks, but it does include two thumbnail sketch sample settings for play (Artanes for pulpy, bronze age low fantasy stories; Mill City for modern-day gritty stories).

Playtesters who were into solo gaming really enjoyed the Training Wheels Adventure. Reactions from people who’ve downloaded the published game so far have been pretty positive, too. I’m thinking it’s possible that even more popular than the Libre Solo Role Playing system itself would be a bigger, open-structured ‘create your adventure’ e-book. It’s eminently doable and (I think) would be very cool to play through. The idea being that the reader generates elements of each scene, then tries to achieve meaningful success for that scene. The player branches to a next scene based on how the current scene plays out. Something to keep in mind for possible future plans…