Recorded gameplay

Lots of exciting news happened over the past week.

One of my big concerns is to make Libre Solo Role Playing digestible. The game rules aren’t all that hard. But explaining how to play this type of game from a book is hard. The book is chock full of rules examples and also includes an extended play session (all straight from real gameplay). But that’s not enough.

I’m addressing that need to show how gameplay works in a couple of ways. First, I’ve put together a 16-page Training Wheels adventure that’s just gone live on DrivethruRPG/RPGNow. It’s free and you can get it here. The point of the Training Wheels Adventure is to introduce some of the concepts from the full game system, but also give someone new to the game guardrails that guide them through the structure of a story.

The other piece I’ve been working on is a YouTube channel that has some actual gameplay. You can find that channel, with some starting live content, over here. I expect there’ll be more, and hopefully more polished, to come.

If you’re interested in the gameplay, as a fair warning, don’t expect polish. I’m not an audio engineer and neither of us were aiming for a public speaking award. This was the first live session ever that ran Libre as a GM-player duet instead of solo. Drew wasn’t familiar with the rules but he had the dice, the story idea and controlled the protagonist and the environment. I had the rules, tables and charts, and guided the results.

So if you listen, expect there to be some bumps along the way from a first-time player. The story is all Drew’s. My role was just to run the GM engine, ask questions and give suggestions. It’s not perfect: We fell slightly short of 100% rules as written. We kept out a lot of the extraneous bits, too, to focus on core gameplay. But the obstacle scene (part 1b) in particular captured what makes Libre Solo Role Playing rock — challenging the protagonist with obstacles, plot twists, setbacks and surprises.